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    Is it for real ?
    It most certainly is. It's an advertising scheme to get more people looking at some of the offers which we are affiliated with.
    Basically, when a user completes one of the offers on our site (e.g. LOVEFiLM) we get paid by the advertiser. This way, we can cover the cost of your free gift and still make a small profit.
    A lot of TV programmes and magazines have featured this sort of advertising, including BBC ( see youtube video below ) and the Wired magazine - so you can feel confident that it is genuine.
    For more proof please visit eXceem, which is a forum dedicated to the UK's Freebie Scene - www.exceem.co.uk

  • iPhone 5


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  • iPhone 4

    Jailbreaking Info

    On this page I will list any developements with regards to jailbreaking iPhones and iPads. Plus any new, free and must have apps for both.

    If you are looking to jailbreak your device, firstly open itunes and back it up (just in case you go wrong) then click the 'Jailbreak' icon on front page and download 'Absinthe' and follow easy instructions.